Month: July 2018

July 16, 2018
Which Is The Best Camera?

Recently I purchased a new smart phone and have been impressed with its camera. At one point in time when Annie Leibovitch was asked which was the best camera to buy, she responded with - "the one you have with you!" Often there are photo ops, and the only camera I have is my phone camera. So, having one which takes better photos than my old one is a treat!  And, not only that, I can edit the photos with lightroom on the phone as well - big bonus!

At dusk
July 6, 2018

When In Venice…

...You Need A Boat

Seeing the world brings a whole new perspective to the way we view people in places much different from our own. In Venice, I was amazed by the water transportation - water busses, gondolas - mainly for tourists, I think - fishing boats, police boats, yachts, delivery boats, and more... Here we would use trucks, trains, busses, LRT, recreation vehicles, and so on. My eye was also taken with laundry hanging above shops and restaurants, and all the people walking below. I just can not imagine hanging up my laundry across a street in downtown Edmonton!