About Me

Photography by Eunice Sloan

About Me

After retiring from a rich nursing career, I decided to pursue photography. There was much to learn in our digital age. I took a few courses at NAIT to get me started in this learning curve.

I enjoy traveling and seeing new sights. I try to capture what I call the "wow" factor.  This comes in all forms - magnificent landscapes, engineering feats, structures and skylines, street scenes, nature wonders and much more. 

And, of course, our family. Our family has grown to include grandkids, the delight of my life. There are many photo opportunities, from candid to formal portraits and everything in between.

I hope the photos I share are inspiring and perhaps give you just a little different perspective on the beauty of our world. 

For more photos feel free to check out http://peopleandplacesphotography.com

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