April 30, 2020

Tracks of My Travel

Keukenhof Garden We are in the midst of a travel ban, but there is much of the world we can see online – virtual travel. I was reminded of this yesterday when a friend posted photos taken by photographer Albert Dros https://www.albertdros.com/post/the-most-beautiful-flower-garden-in-the-world-without-people I have had the luxury of travelling to many places in the world, each time coming home with many photographs, the tracks of my travels. One of the most exquisite places I have ever seen is the Keukenhof Garden – breathtakingly beautiful.. So during this time of no travel I will enjoy the photos I have taken from all over the world to travel back there again. “Oh…

April 25, 2020

Still Standing

Still Standing Each year I treat myself to an Easter Lily, enjoying the beauty and fragrance of some indoor springtime. This year there were 6 blossoms. Five of them opened about the same time. But it was only after these 5 had lost their lustre when the sixth one opened. It was as though this late bloomer wanted to show the beauty when there was nothing else to distract attention from it. It worked, and out came my camera.