February 5, 2021


Most of you are familiar with the story of Anne Frank. She was in hiding for more than two years during World War II in a Secret Annex at the back of a warehouse. She was just 13 when her family went into hiding from the Nazis. During that time, Anne kept a diary in which she not only wrote about the horrors of war but the everyday problems of being a teenager. ¬†Anne succumbed to typhus when she was fifteen, but her story lives on. There are many important messages in this book, but the most important one is that all people have the right to live in freedom….

January 19, 2021

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

While I was walking along the river, I noticed this sign. At first glance the expression “Don’t Worry Be Happy” seems rather trite. However, in thinking about it a little more, there is wisdom to be had. Worry can in no way change the circumstances around you which are not in your control. So, worrying accomplishes nothing. Be Happy is not something you can conjure up. But, it is a result of being grateful for what you already have. My own personal experience with this was a time when I received some bad medical information. I was very worried about the procedure and potential adverse outcome. The Dr. wisely pointed…